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Introducing any change successfully requires experience in understanding how to effectively integrate the “old” with the “new.” Nimble Consulting has successfully partnered with clients in various industries experiencing significant change – whether driven by new strategy, new leaders, new markets, need for innovation, shifting customer demands, or regulatory factors. Our implementation projects typically last 1-2 years. Here are a few of the clients we have worked with.

Nimble Consulting was instrumental in the success of our GIS deployment program. Their attention to detail and never-ending approach to understanding the end user pain points was critical to the adoption of the new system. Nimble was able to supply very talented individuals that took the time to understand the business and how they could positively impact it.
— Senior Director, PG&E
Our technology deployment was a major success and Nimble Consulting was an integral piece of the project. The prevailing open communication and sharing of information between the various groups was simply amazing. As I have stated previously, had it not been for the zealous work ethic and dedication of Nimble and the change management end products, our team would not have hit the road in the right gear and would not have survived the many shifts without damaging or stripping the gear box.
— Gas subject matter expert, PG&E

Snapshot of Project Qualifications

Organizational Change Management

  • Led a change management workstream in support of the launch of a new Smart Meter organization for a large energy client.

  • Engaged end users (editor, viewer, and mobile) across 17 divisions of a large utility client during the deployment of a GIS (geographic information systems) technology for gas maps. Built awareness and adoption across highly resistant groups by tailoring the approach to specific end users.

  • Designed the change management approach for a county government IT client undergoing reorganization. Worked closely with the leadership team to effectively plan for launch.

  • Led and executed change management and communications for an integrated grid platform program for a utility client.


  • Developed classroom and virtual training materials for various technology platforms (GIS, SAP, etc.) using applications such as Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, and Storyline.

  • Provided web-based demos of new technology for various end users at all phases of the project to promote awareness and early input to user interface design and adoption.

  • Created detailed job aids customized to the workflow of the client’s employees by using relevant examples of their work.

Process Analysis

  • Our process analysis work usually dovetails with the need to further understand the customer or end-user experience, where a step-by-step view of how they work will assist with the larger project objectives and promote adoption of change.

  • Prior to the full conversion of 6.5 million pages of records from paper to digital for a large utility client in California, documented the workflow of the creation and management of critical paper records across 10 work groups.

  • Served as Business Lead and Change Lead for a project to improve materials traceability (manufacturer to vendor to warehouse and build process), which applied blockchain and machine learning to enhance an SAP portal solution.

Building and Embedding Capabilities

  • Coached project sponsors and SMEs (subject matter experts) on how to be a more effective catalyst for change.

  • Instilled basic consulting skills (e.g., setting agendas, running meetings) in project team.

  • Modeled behavior on how to promote and lead change and prepared client team for end-user support.

  • Helped define client SME roles on the project in accordance to their strengths and career development goals.

  • Trained and mentored client SMEs to become experts in supporting end users over a defined period of time.

Program Management

  • Designed a Program Management Office (PMO) for a utility client focused on all gas energy projects that are part of an end-to-end process from materials sourcing to as-builting to construction to mapping.

  • Designed and delivered a Program Management Office for a healthcare client to deploy a portfolio of initiatives spanning across business, union, and HR.

  • Led change management and training workstreams for projects such as reorganization, technology deployments, and launching new organizations.

Strategic Planning and Roadmap Development

  • Developed a strategy for a client incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) technology for more comprehensive preventive maintenance on assets as well as for identifying revenue generating opportunities. Subsequently developed a detailed roadmap for pursuing the strategy.

  • Developed strategy to scale new technology (Robotic Process Automation) or new ideas (ideation) for a private sector organization and a phased roadmap for execution.

  • Developed strategic planning and process for transit client board and executive team in support of a new General Manager to the transit agency.

  • Designed a strategic planning process for a U.S. federal government client, involving headquarters and regional levels of planning and approvals.