Nimble Consulting


We help design, deliver, and sustain transformational change

Nimble is a boutique consultancy that helps large organizations design, deliver, and sustain transformational change. Based in San Francisco, Nimble Consulting is an experienced partner for clients in various industries undergoing significant changes driven by new leaders, disruptive markets, shifting customer demands, and regulatory factors. Our expertise leans towards technology and innovation, with demonstrated success in garnering support and adoption of change on various projects with end users.

Why work with Nimble?

  • Top-tier management consulting expertise at small firm rates. We have delivered on transformational projects with top-tier firms like Gartner, PwC, and IBM, providing cost-effective ways to round out your team.
  • Independent and objective boutique consulting firm. We work with your goals, budget, culture, and timeline to help you achieve and exceed your objectives without “pushing” unnecessary products and services.
  • Extensive experience in designing, delivering, and sustaining change. We apply industry-leading methodologies such as Project Management (PMI), Change Management (ProSci, Change Leadership Roadmap), and Lean Six Sigma to help you achieve success.

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Change before you have to.
— Jack Welch