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Tailored Services for Your Diverse Needs


How do I know which services will help with my business needs?


organizational Change Management

The Nimble team can quickly assess the political landscape, understand relevant processes, and target audiences for successful adoption of change. Our success is built on explaining, in simple language, why changes are happening and how to effectively engage employees, leaders, and customers throughout the process.  

Business Problems Addressed: What is our framework for managing the effect of major changes underway that will impact our organizational structure, processes, work practices or our customers?



If a new technology, process or regulatory requirement is changing how your employees need to work to be effective, the Nimble team excels in developing customized training on how their day-to-day work or roles will change.     

Business Problems Addressed: What is the best way to impart information and instructions to help them attain a required level of knowledge or skill? How do we apply Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology to our portfolio of training offerings?


Process analysis

Nimble is adept at documenting current and future state processes and identifying the changes that will affect employees' day-to-day work. 

Business Problems Addressed: For a business process change, how do we successfully move people to a new way of working? How do we apply Lean methodologies to improve our day-to-day practices and keep up with industry trends?


Building and embedding capabilities 

The Nimble team orchestrates the ability for employees and leaders to learn the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform new or enhanced parts of their role. This is often done as part of a transformational project where the client will need to stand up a new organization by project close. Nimble does this through coaching, modeling leadership behavior, and providing tailored training and support.

Business Problems Addressed: How do we develop new capabilities to support the changes that we need in our company? How do we increase performance and leadership skills within our project team and workforce? How can we build in a more "agile" mindset in facing challenges or in meeting customer needs? 


Program Management

Nimble specializes in setting up Program Management Offices (PMOs) and governance structures for large projects that usually involve multiple vendors and consultants, management of several initiatives, and internal alignment and support for success.

Business Problems Addressed: What is our organization’s method for managing several related projects with multiple interdependencies? How can we manage and track milestones and meet frequent reporting requirements to different committees?    


Strategic Planning

Often, organizations need to respond to market changes, regulatory compliance, industry disruption or consumer pressure. The Nimble team has a structured process for revisiting strategy and understanding the downstream implications on people, process, and technology.

Business Problems Addressed: How do we define at a strategic level what it means to be more innovative and agile to stay competitive in our industry? Industries are moving to a more "ecosystem" approach, so what is our role in that? How do we pursue a strategy that is feasible and allows us to meet our goals? What capabilities do we need for the future as a result? 

Take a look at our Snapshot of Qualifications for examples of how we've helped clients in each area of service.

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