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A Nimble Approach to Change


Nimble Consulting offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization. Based in San Francisco, we’ve been operating since 2010, and each year we have a bigger list of clients who keep coming back.

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What makes Nimble Consulting unique?

  • Proven approach. With an approach that has been proven across different industries, Nimble Consulting can advise, adapt and execute effectively regardless of your stage of growth or specific business or organizational challenge.
  • Independent and objective. As an independent consultant, Nimble Consulting can advise you and your organization on the best way to scope, plan and assemble the team necessary to deliver your desired results without “pushing” solutions you don’t need.
  • Top-tier management consulting expertise. We provide consulting services without the “large team" approach often applied by bigger firms, providing cost-efficient and creative ways to round out your team.
  • Successful in various environments. We understand the importance of stakeholder engagement and have worked effectively at all levels for the success of any effort, and worked effectively in various international cultures and client environments.
  • Ability to team flexibly. We are experienced working under various project team structures; matrix teams, virtual teams, labor union environments, etc.
  • Can partner and integrate easily with other consulting firms as a prime or sub entity. We have delivered successfully on transformational projects with top tier firms such as Gartner, PwC, and IBM.
  • Ability to adapt and scale. The Nimble approach can support new and innovative sectors such as Clean Tech, which is experiencing similar growth challenges that traditional companies have faced but with unique drivers and constraints.



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Change before you have to.
— Jack Welch